Copie (2) de Huy 034 Copie (2) de Huy 007 Copie (2) de Huy 023 Copie (2) de Huy 024CONVENT OF THE BROTHERS MINOR.

It is in 1234 that the site was given to the Franciscans to establish their convent.
Of the church, one of the first Gothic churches hutoises after Saint Death, there remain only two bays radiating style remains the apse of the church with two naves. The trail reaches the street Vankeerberghen.
The remarkable monumental gate, a rare example of Baroque Antwerp (1658) provides access to a twin of the convent of the Friars Minor of Liège cloister. Construction began in 1662, is: work in Maas Renaissance style by architect Servais Harre.
Anchors will give you the dates of the various wings 1664.1669,1687 and restoration of 1928.
The buildings house the Friars Minor Municipal Museum.