The current fortress dates from the Dutch period , built from 1818 to 1823 in fear of new french attacks
R. FURNEMONT states that the fort has a length of 148 meters facing the Meuse , 107 meters from the side of the city , 44 above the valley Hoyoux .
Once on this site stood the old castle , Tchestia II , whose origins date back to at least the ninth century , enlarged by Raoul Zahringen and John Flanders , embellished by Erard de la Marck , often served as a refuge for the Bishop of Liège.
After the wars of Louis XIV in 1715 , the Treaty of Barrier ordered its demolition.
The right bank of the Meuse, a winding footpath leads to the Fort .
On the left , a memorial commemorates the victims of wars, during which the fort served as a prison . A leaflet published by the Syndicat d’initiative will help for his visit.
This is especially painful and horrible the second plane who still remember World War : stamps , interrogation room , internment rooms … A series of these rooms have been furnished ( photos , documents …) for evoke World War II but also in Huy spent Tchestia .

Museum of the Resistance and Concentration Camp : Napoleon rd  4500 Huy . 085/21.53.34 .


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