L'hôtel de ville de HuyCITY HALL
Built in 1765 and 1766 at the initiative of Mayor Joseph Barthélemy- Masson, City Hall is the work of architect and master mason Jean- Gilles Jacob Hermalle -sous- Huy.Le base includes a large vaulted hall edges . Topped by a beautiful wrought iron railing outside porch , front building is accessed through , consisting of three bays topped by a triangular pediment the arms of the City . It will be noted in this building Louis XV , the mansard roof topped by a bell which contains the clock and carillon consists of 37 bells , two of which are dated 1406.
The interior decoration is characterized by a particularly sober Louis XV , it will be noted in the marriage hall which brings together old Huy views, two fireplaces marble Saint -Remy , and fine stucco due to Moretti .
In the entrance hall, the entrance drum ( 1714) carved oak is a remarkable remnant of the house of the Rooster , Old Town Hall , the column through the stairwell support campanile .
In the lobby are also exposed a commemorative plaque to the erection of the City Hall in 1766 and a statue of St. Michael, the patron of the ancient guild of Mercers .